Analysis and Design Service

This initiative aims to offer specialized services in the areas of requirements gathering, analysis , design and validation of software systems. By using our specialized systems , techniques, best practices and our professionally trained and well equipped team, we can solve some of the dauting problems related to requirements engineering, analysis and design of software systems thereby cutting down cost and time needed for the Software projects by a great factor.

This initiative is on the lines of civil engineering wherein there are separate analysis and design firm apart from the project management and implementation firms.

Why do we need these services?

Software systems have an abysmal success rate and to substantiate this the latest Standish group chaos report( says that around 70% of the software systems are a failure and another analysis firm quotes ( that around 30 billion USD per year alone are lost in the US just because of the defects in the requirements gathering stage of a system. If we consider the worldwide market the losses due to improper management of system requirements and designs can be more than 50 billion USDs per year.

The above mentioned numbers point to the fact that given the scale of the problem, the task of requirements gathering along with analysis and design of systems has to be managed by specialists, equipped with the specialized software systems and best practices to manage the challenges associated with this aspect of systems.

After extensive research on this subject we have found that one of the root cause of this multifaceted problem lies in certain limitations of human beings wrt the complexities of any system. Two very important limitations are the problem of single frame of vision and the inability of a human brain to think about numerous combinations of logical scenarios that can exist in software system.

Apart from these technical problems, there are other Behaviorial and Strategic Issues which makes it one of the very complex problems to be solved. After understanding these problems along with human limitations we have developed software systems, techniques and best practices for resolving the same.

The initiative tries to address this area where in approx 50 billion USDs or more are lost globally per year. All of our claims can be technically proved and demonstrated by the tools that we have built and relevant best practices.

How can we solve this problem?

This initiative is meant to do this specialized task of analysis and design of complex systems by a team of specialized professionals who have the resources and systems needed to deal with the complexities of software systems thereby reducing the cost (cost of failure at different stages of system life cycle).

At the heart of this initiative lies a enterprise software system which was conceived, designed and implemented by VPlanSolutions to manage the human limitations when it comes to dealing with the complexities associated with complex system.

Apart from managing the human limitations this system is also the first of its kind to validate the requirements of a system wrt completeness and correctness in a domain independent manner. This system is patent defensible and we are in the process of filing patents for the same.

The system is wrapped and packaged with services because of the strategic and behavioral implications of the problems related to requirements.

Apart from the system people working on this venture will be among the best people when it comes to analysis and design of complex software systems.

Services that we plan to offer:

  • Domain Modeling Service.
  • Requirements Engineering Service.
  • Architecture and Design Service.
  • Validation Service.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer