Human powered energy generator

This venture uses the abundant human resources lying below the poverty line (BPL) in countries like India and China as a source of commercial electrical energy. At the heart of this venture will be a human powered energy generator [HPEG] which will produce the electrical energy equivalent to a 5KW Diesel Generator much cheaper than the cost of using a diesel generator and at par with the state government supplied electricity. Future versions of HPEG will also be used to power a transport system used to ferry people [4-6 seater] and load like any other automobile moving @ average speed of 40-50 kmph.

Parameters influencing this solution:

  • Countries like India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc have abundant human resources living below the poverty line.
  • According to World Bank 450 million Indians live below the poverty line.
  • 1/3 of the world's poor are in India. There is severe unemployment in rural India. Droughts are leading to suicides by farmers.
  • Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore on average face power cuts of around 2 hours and bulk of the country face power cuts ranging from 8-10 hours extending to around 15 hours in remote villages.
  • Most of the local and small scale businesses are severely affected because of the lack of power.
  • In rural India cycle rickshaw drivers earns around Rest 100 per day after pulling the load in harsh climatic condition.

About the Human Powered Energy Generator (HPEG)

This energy generator will be powered by the peddling action of a human being [Like in cycle rickshaws used in many parts of India] instead of a diesel engine. This energy generator will be designed to be many time easier to power and comfortable as compared to a traditional cycle rickshaw. [Best practices of Ergonomics will be followed while designing and implementing the machine]. The cost of the first version of HPEG will be less than Rs 30,000. These HPEG will be powered by the people lying below the poverty line. The latter versions will be designed for enhanced efficiency wherein by applying the minimum human energy maximum electrical energy can be generated.

Why will people use this HPEG?

The overall cost of operating a 5KW Diesel Generator for 10 hours is approximately Rs 900 for 10 hours [average efficiency of a diesel engine powering these generator is 1.5 litres per hour, current cost of diesel in India is Rs 38 per litre, generator rental is around Rs 300]

A 5 HP motor is a prime mover is most of the small scale industrial setup. The overall cost of operating a 5HP motor with the state government supplied electrical energy for 10 hours is around Rs 250. [A 5 HP motor on an average consumes 4 units of electrical power. Per unit charge for small scale industrial setup is around 5rs per unit plus a fixed charge per month of around Rs 100 per KW.]

The equivalent amount of electrical energy through the HPEG for 10 hours will cost around Rs 250 [This can be further reduced with the improvements in the product design]. In short people will use this generator as it is a highly reliable source of green energy much cheaper than other sources of energy.

Why will people below poverty line drive the HPEG?

People below poverty line will have the opportunity of earning at least Rs 200 per day or Rs 6000 per month. Powering the HPEG will be much easier, comfortable and dignified as compared to any other work that these people do. This work is also not dependent on any other environmental condition like agriculture being dependent on rains and construction being dependent on the economy. The people involved need not purchase the HPEG as it will be made available on daily rental through a company or a franchise model.

Profitability of this venture.

As this venture deals in the space of cost effective energy and transportation, the venture is capable of generating excellent return on investment.


No dearth of human resources and the chances of this resource depleting is also minimal at least in the next 50 years. On the contrary it is increasing at an exponential rate which has always been a source of concern. HPEG will be designed for different power ratings.

HPEG will have large applications in South Asian countries like India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.


  • Green energy along with effective usage of human resources, eradication of unemployment and poverty
  • A person in rural India will no longer need to commit suicide. There is an opportunity for him to earn at least Rs 6000 per month.
  • Rural businesses and industries which today suffer severely because of power disruptions will become more powerful and effective.
  • HPEG Transport systems will be 50% less expensive [both cost and operational expense] than traditional transport vehicles.
  • HPEG can be the basic source of electrical power driving other electric motor based applications.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer