Introduction to the problem


  1. One of the biggest problems faced by most of the software professionals is related to software requirements. In my training programs a lot of software professionals complain that "what do we do, when our customer himself doesn't know his requirements?", software professionals are just fed up of customer changing requirements very frequently.
  2. Requirements engineering has been a perennial problem ever since the inception of software systems to an extent that every project in every software development company faces severe issues wrt requirements engineering.
  3. Latest Standish Group CHAOS report says that around 70% of the software systems are a failure.
  4. Another report says around 30 billion USDs per year globally are lost because of defects in the requirements gathering stage.
  5. If we trace back into the history,there are a number of high profile software systems only failing because of development company failing to understand the requirements of the customer.
  6. One such high profile project which is currently in troubled waters is the "Passport Seva Project" - a Passport automation project for the government of India. This projected is designed and implemented by one of the biggest software service providers in India.
  7. Just Google for the keyword “Passport Seva Project” and you can see all the articles from all the reputed publications describing various problems faced by this project.
  8. One of the key problems highlighted is the problem related to “Requirements of the system that were poorly captured and managed”.

What is so unique about this problem?

  1. Why is that these problems have existed for such a long time?
  2. Why is that most of the technology based companies have still not been able to understand and solve this problem?
  3. Why is that some of the biggest software service providers have failed to manage this phase of SDLC?
  4. The answer is.. As a result of our extensive research on this subject we have found that one of the root cause of this multifaceted problem lies in certain limitations of human beings wrt the complexities of a software system.
  5. We at VPlanSolutions have been researching these problems from quite some time and have understood different facets of this problem and have developed solutions in the form of proprietary software systems and best practices.
  6. This problem is so peculiar that this problem cannot be just solved by using some tool or a process.
  7. If professionals are not aware of the human limitations and its best practices, these problems can never be solved.
  8. Even if the human limitations are solved alone, the strategic and behavioral aspects will still not allow the problem to be solved.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer