Solution - Analysis and Design Service

The only possible solution to this multifaceted problem is a need of a new business entity (Analysis and Design Service Provider - ADSP) who will have the technical expertise and the resources to manage the complexities associated with systems and will be accountable for the analysis and design of systems.

This is like in civil engineering , there are multiple companies are involved in a single project viz the Analysis and Design Company, Project Management Company and Implementation Company (Contractor). We have found that one of the reasons for these tasks to be separated across different companies is to build accountability for different phases of a project.

Software Engineering has always been influenced by the Civil Engineering and in the past quite a few best practices have been borrowed from Civil Engineering. After closely studying this business and operating model of civil engineering with multiple business partners I can safely say that software engineering also would get benefited with this model.

  • In this model , the specialised tasks will be done by trained and qualified specialists using the appropriate engineering best practises and tools.

  • The problem of discipline and behaviorial issues doesnt arise in this business model as the professionals working on this initiative are trained to be disciplined.

  • As the professionals are experts and are equipped with all the best practises and tools, they can do thier respect tasks within a fraction of time thereby addressing the problem of time based issues.

  • As the revenues earned by this new business entity is directly dependent on the fact how well the various tasks related systems analysis and design is executed will ensure that this new business entity will put the best possible work to ensure profitability.

  • In this model, this new business entity will be responsible for tasks like requirements engineering, analysis and design.

ADSP will offers a set of services like Entire Systems Analysis and Design Service, Requirements Validation Service, Design Validation Service only dealing with analysis and design systems (not into implementation).

The output of these services are standardized models , documents and artifacts suggested by the UML governing body.

In this proposed business model the customer associates with ADSP for various services mentioned above like the way the customer associates with a Software development company today.

The customers of ADSP will be the customers of Software development companies only for the analysis and design task.

ADSP will offer these services using a team of trained and qualified SAD experts equipped all the systems and best practices needed to manage the complexities associated with systems.

ADSP will work on the Information Model wherein ADSP will only charge customers for the information that we would gather and process.

In this model the customers will only pay us for the actual work done by ADSP, irrespective of the time.

In this model every information to be captured, processed and delivered along with standardized deliverable artefacts are given a pre defined cost which allows the total cost to be calculated.

ADSP as a business model will need to critical set of resources to succeed.

  1. Technical Expertise wrt Analysis and Design of software systems.
  2. A Training Infrastructure to create a scalable and cost effective way of creating a pool of trained ,qualified and certified Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) Experts.

As VPlanSolutions is equipped with both of the same , we will pioneer this initiative of ADSP.

At the heart of the venture lies a huge enterprise software system which was conceived, designed and implemented by VPlanSolutions to manage the human limitations when it comes to dealing with the complexities associated with complex system.

Apart from managing the human limitations this system is also the first of its kind to validate the requirements of a system wrt completeness and correctness in a domain independent manner.

Apart from this system VPlanSolutions has developed proprietary best practices and models to overcome human limitations associated to complex systems.


  • In this approach we are changing ourselves ,neither the customer nor the Software development company is supposed to change.
  • There is no risk to the customer.
  • Using the information model the customer strictly pays for the work done instead of time invested.
  • Using our services we can reduce the cost and time of software systems by atleast 40%.
  • The task which needs specialization will be performed by trained and qualified professionals with all the resources needed to overcome the limitations associated with complex systems.
  • ADSP will now be accountable for the analysis and design of systems and its revenues will directly be dependent on how well the task is done.
  • The market addressed by ADSP is around 50 billion USDs per year globally.
  • This approach will enforce a lot of standardization as the ADSP will give out standardized UML models as outputs while the Software development companies will be forced to interpret the diagrams and come out with the implementations like the way in civil engineering systems , the graphical engineering drawing representing the design is used by the contractors to come out with implementations.
  • On one hand we are creating a profit making business entity addressing a huge untapped market , while on the other hand we are creating SAD experts cost effectively .
  • This venture not only aims at creating SAD Experts cost effectively but will also try to get the high end work offshore to allow these SAD experts hone their skills on analysis and design of systems.
  • Customer will now have to associate with two service provider viz the Analysis and Design Service Provider and the Implementation Service Provider.
  • The Customers need to be informed about the human limitations and other strategic and behaviorial issues.
  • TSPs might initially resist the existence of ADSP.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer