Analysis and Complexity

I would want to start this topic by making you think about the following question

What according to you is system or requirements analysis? What do we do in this phase and what are the output artifacts comming out of this phase?

Mostly in my training programs the participants give me the following answers

  • We think about the implementation technology and the choice of language
  • We come out with different architectural styles to be used
  • We come

    Although you may be surprised most of these answers are wrong.

    Let me start by asking you the following

    What is the English grammatical meaning of the word "Analysis"?

    According to me the word Analysis means "Understanding" or leading to understanding or a detailed study to understand something.

    Do you realize that "Understanding" or "Analysis" as a word is always associated with the word "Complex"? We normally do not try to understand or analyze something that is simple or a problem that is simple.

    Whenever we deal with the word "Analysis", the first thing that should cross our mind is that we are dealing with a problem or a system that is COMPLEX.

    Now lets try to explore as to what can we understand by the word "Complex" or Complexity?

    Friends think about it
    When can a problem or a system be considered complex?

    According to me any artifact [problem/system] which our brain finds difficult to understand is considered to be complex.

    Whenever a Human Brain comes across an artifact which it is not able to comprehend or understand, we say the artifact is complex.

    But the next question is "When does it happen that a human brain finds it difficult to understand a problem or a system?"


    "What is the root cause of complexity?"

    Before we think about managing complexity, we first need to understand the root cause of complexity.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer