Architecture and Design Service


  1. When statistics say that 70% of the software systems are a failure , it doesn't mean that they fail functionally [or they don't deliver the functional requirements of the system]. Majority of the time the system fails to deliver various non functional requirements of the system.
  2. Most of the time non functional requirements are considered to be an afterthought which professionals consider to be trivial and plan to incorporate after the system is functionally working [which cannot be technically possible].
  3. Most of the professionals are not aware of best practices of managing these non functional


  1. Quickly capture, understand and prioritize key Non-functional requirements.
  2. Understand its implications on the design and the project implementation plan of the system.
  3. Propose quick design solutions using various design principles and patterns for different combinations of Non- functional requirements.
  4. Design various types software systems like Application Programs, Tool Kits and Frameworks.
  5. Come out with low level design artifacts that incorporates the design solution so that it can be implemented by the design team.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer