Domain Modeling Service


  1. Domain Expertise/Knowledge is in a very unstructured format stored in the brain of the engineers and analyst.
  2. Due to the above mentioned problem , we have found that within a single project different engineers have different understanding of the same system.
  3. Steep learning curve due to lack of domain knowledge in a structured form.
  4. If an engineer quits the company, he also takes away with him the precious domain knowledge and expertise along with him.
  5. For anyone to compile and structure this knowledge , the person has to be a expert in modeling complex


  1. Using this service we can structure the domain expertise and knowledge in organization in the form of formal system models.
  2. We can compress thousands of pages of information within a few graphical models there by reducing the learning curve by a great factor.
  3. The domain knowledge instead being in the brains of the people will now be on paper in a structured format.
  4. No domain knowledge/expertise will be lost if an engineer leaves a company.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer