Enterprise Application Integration Strategies


This 5-day Program will familiarize the audience with all the different types of Integration Techniques along with the Bad and Best Practices associated to the same. The program also discusses enabling technologies, frameworks and protocols to enable integration at different levels.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Enterprise Application Integration.
  • Evaluating Existing Applications.
  • Application Integration Layers.
  • Platform Integration.
  • Data Level Integration.
  • Application Interface Integration.
  • Business Method Integration
  • Presentation Integration
  • Business-to-Business Integration.
  • Using middleware for EAI.
  • Database Access Technologies.
  • Message Oriented Middleware.
  • Remote Procedure Calls.
  • Transaction Processing Monitors.
  • Object Request Brokers.
  •  Application Servers.
  • Choices and Strategies
  • Integration Techniques
  • Integration Infrastructure and technologies.
  • Integration Architecture.
  • Re-engineering and Replacement.
  • B2B Integration and Web-Services.
  • Integration Principles.
  • J2EE Platform for EAI.
  • Integration Process.
  • Database Level Integration.
  • Using XML for Data Exchange.
  • Transforming XML for Data Integration.
  • Message Brokers and Enterprise Messaging in EAI.
  • Business level Integration.
  • Reusing Existing Applications with CORBA.
  • EJB’s for Integration.
  • J2EE Connector Architecture.
  • Com Bridges for Windows Integration.
  • Transaction Management in EAI.
  • Security Management in EAI.
  • Presentation Integration.
  • Web Services for B2B Integration.
  • SOA for Process Level Integration.
  • Case Studies

Duration: 5 days

Venue: International

Program Target Beneficiaries

  • Architects
  • Project / Technical / Corporate Manager
  • Designers
  • Integrators

Program Pre-requisites

The audience should have at least 6-7 years of experience wrt development, management and design of different types of systems. The audience should know most of the languages, technologies and frameworks available.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer