Evaluating Design1 for Accountability

Design 1 for reference

Design 1 for reference

Lets evaluate this design from the last parameter ie "Accountability".

In this design if I ask you a simple question as to who is accountable or responsible for a behavior called "Reserving a ticket", do we have an answer to the same?

I hope you will agree, In a design like this , there is no one who is accountable for the behavior "Reserving a ticket".

If you say that the actor is accountable for this behavior, then friends how can an component which is lying outside the system can be made responsible for the internal working of the system.

If you say that a particular domain entity is accountable , then how can you make an individual domain entity responsible for the entire behavior.

Hence because of the two reasoning given above, there is no accountability in a system like this and hence systems like are highly unmanageable and un maintainable.

So we have evaluated the current design with all of the parameters and we have found that although this system will give all the behaviors and will function correctly, but because of the system doesn't take care of the above mentioned parameters, the system not considered to be well designed.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer