Flexibility comes with added responsibilities

This small piece of advice was given to me by my mentor PG Bhat. I thought this will be a interesting piece of information can also help others as well.

One day PG was explaining me the added amount of responsibility which comes along with flexibility which unfortunately most of the youngsters don’t really realize. The example he used to explain me the same was truly fantastic.

According to him …

Train doesn’t have any flexibility as they are always supposed to travel on a predefined track. As they don’t have the flexibility of changing their tracks at will, their risk is very limited as well.

While a car has the limited flexibility of switching between different lanes on the road to avoid any traffic situations, but this flexibility also comes with a considerable amount of risk as there are chances of occurrences of accidents if the driver of the car doesn’t use this flexibility in a responsible manner.

On the other hand ,a Ship or an Aircraft has unlimited flexibility of moving any where in the water or air. But this unlimited flexibility comes at a huge risk of getting lost and other associated problems, if the captain of the ship or the aircraft does a small mistake in the navigational path, they will be miles away from the actual destination and by the time they realize the impact of the mistake will become very severe. So commandeering a ship or a aircraft is job which needs high amount of responsibility.

Although this example was from the transportation domain, these principles are very important in every aspect of life be it technical systems, social systems, families etc.

In the section “Controlled and Un Controlled Flexibility” on the following link …. I have explained the consequences of uncontrolled flexibility to systems along with the importance of controlled flexibility to systems.

Hope you have found the example interesting.

Like Spiderman said “with great power, comes great amount of responsibilities” …. on similar lines “greater flexibility in life, comes great amount of responsibilities”.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer