Importance of Standardized Modeling Notations.

Let me explain this with the help of an example.

I have a complex analytical puzzle to be solved. I ask Mr. X and Mr.y to solve it for me and I ask them to make use of a circle, triangle and a rectangle to model it.

I dictate the problem and Mr. X and Mr. Y independently start solving it.

Once they are through with the modeling of the problem, I exchange the sheets i.e. I give Mr. X's sheet to Mr. Y and Mr. Y's sheet to Mr. X.

What can happen or will happen the moment I exchange the sheets?

The moment I exchange the sheets, I realize that both of us have different understanding of the same problem.

So the next thing that we need to understand is that "Although modeling is important for understanding anything which is complex; if not done using standardized modeling notations will lead to the same problem being interpreted in multiple ways by multiple stakeholders leading to an even bigger problem".


Hence it is important to use standardized modeling notations to understand any complex problem or a system.

As you know systems are much complex than puzzles. Therefore, Systems analysis is a must before we start solving any problems within the systems.

Systems are highly complex. They cannot be implemented or developed by a single person, and there will be a large number of stakeholders involved in developing them.

Since there are multiple stakeholders involved in different stages of system lifecycle, the modeling notations used to model different aspects of the problem should be standardized graphical representations that can only be interpreted in a single way by different stakeholders.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer