J2EE Design Patterns


This 5-day J2EE Design Patterns Training will familiarize the audience with all the bad and best practices for designing any J2EE based system.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to J2EE Framework.
  • Discussion about Patterns.
  • J2EE Pattern Catalog.
  • Presentation tier design considerations.
  • Presentation tier bad practices.
  • Business tier design considerations.
  • Business tier bad practices.
  • J2EE Re-factoring.
  • Presentation Tier Patterns.
  • Intercepting filter.
  • Front Controller.
  • Context Object.
  • Application Controller.
  • View Helper.
  • Composite View.
  • Service to Worker.
  • Dispatcher View.
  • Business Tier Patterns.
  • Business Delegate.
  • Service Locator.
  • Session Façade.
  • Application Service.
  • Business Object.
  • Composite Entity.
  • Transfer Object.
  • Transfer Object Assembler.
  • Value List Handler.
  • Integration Tier Patterns
  • Data Access Object
  • Service Activator.
  • Domain Store.
  • Web Service Broker.
  • Case Study – Participants will be given a real life system to be designed and they will have to come out with the architecture of the system, highlighting the use of different design patterns to solve the respective problems

Duration: 5 days

Venue: International

Program Target Beneficiaries

  • Architects
  • Project / Technical / Corporate Manager
  • Designers
  • Engineers

Program Pre-requisites

The audience should have at least 3-4 years of experience wrt development of software systems based on J2EE framework. The audience should also have a sound understanding of Core Design Patterns.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer