Structural Perspective - Introduction

In this chapter we will discuss the structural perspective of a system.

As we know every technical system will offer at least one behavior, the next logical question which should cross our mind is "What happens within these systems so that these systems can offer these behaviors or functionalities?"

The generic question can be "How does any System offers any behavior?"


What happens within these systems so that these systems can offer these behaviors?

Lets take a specific example:

We all know human body is one of the most complex technical systems available.

You all might be thinking as to why we are calling a Human Body a system?

The answer is Human Body offer a lot of behaviors which are used by other systems. A human body can offer a large number of behaviors like walking, running, talking, sleeping etc, breathing etc.

Lets consider a simple behavior called running.

Can we think as to what happens within a human body so that this body delivers a behavior called walking?"


Lets say you are given a task to design an Human Robot, how would you make a human robot deliver a behavior called walking.


Lets say your car gives a lots of behaviors, one of the behaviors delivered by the car is acceleration, Can you describe as to how a car delivers a behavior called acceleration?


Lets think of any system, how can you describe as to how that particular entity is offering those behaviors.

Most of the time when I ask these questions to my participants .. following are the answers that I get... For example:

For walking.. they say that brain interacts with the legs and that's how we get walking as a behavior.


For acceleration behavior of the car.. the fuel pumped into the engine makes it move fast.. and things like this...

Most of them describe all these behaviors very ambiguously and vaguely. I will request you to pause for sometime and think about the same and I am sure even you will think about the descriptions described above.


The reason most of them give vague answers is because of the following rule:

According to me: "It is technically impossible to define or describe the implementation of any behavior offered by the system until one has a complete understanding of the structural details of that system or what the system is structurally made up of."

If I was in their position and if I was not really aware of the structurally complexity of a particular system, then even I would have given ambiguous responses.

A complete structural understanding of the system is a pre-requisite before we can talk about the implementation of different behaviors offered by the system.

This is the second way of defining or describing a system which is called as a Structural way of describing a system or describing a system from an Engineers point of view.

Hemant Jha
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