Understanding J2EE Framework and different API's to design an Enterprise System


This 7-day Program will familiarize the audience with all the different types of API’s exposed by the J2EE Framework to Design any Enterprise Application System.

Course Contents

  • Understanding the pressures of designing Distributed Multitiered Architecture.
  • Understanding the J2EE Framework.
  • Understanding J2EE Application Servers.
  • Understanding designing constraints of a Web Application.
  • Understanding Servlet and JSP Technologies.
  • Understanding Java Server Faces.
  • Understanding Custom Tags in JSP’s.
  • Understanding Internationalization and Localization of Web Applications.
  • Understanding Different types of EJBs.
  • Understanding Java Naming and Directory Interface
  • Understanding JAVAMAIL
  • Understanding JTA/JTS
  • Understanding Java Messaging Service.
  • Understanding Java Persistance API.
  • Understanding Java Database Connectivity
  • Understanding Java Connector Architecture.
  • Understanding Java Management Extension.
  • Understanding Java Authentication and Authorization Service.
  • Manipulating XML through API’s like JAXP.
  • Understanding Java API’s for SAX and DOM Parsing.
  • Understanding Java API for XSL Transformation.
  • Understanding Java API for XML Binding.
  • Understanding JAX-RPC, SAAJ, JAXR.
  • Case Studies.

Duration: 7 days

Venue: International

Program Target Beneficiaries

  • Architects
  • Project / Technical Manager
  • Designers
  • Engineers

Program Pre-requisites

The audience should have at least 2 years of developing systems using JAVA technologies.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer