Validation Service

Validation Service - Need

  • Existing projects are staring at failure because of improper requirements gathering along with analysis and design.
  • Analyzing and designing a green field system is many times more easier than solving problems in a system which is already running.
  • Resolving these problems are very difficult and needs specialized skills to handle the same.

Validation Service - Benefits

  • Using our proprietary tools, techniques and best practices we can validate the requirements of a system wrt its completeness and correctness in a domain independent manner. [Sounds unbelievable , but we at VPlanSolutions has exploited certain properties of a system using which we can point out missing requirements in a domain independent manner].
  • Evaluate designs wrt its pros and cons in terms of adherence to various non functional requirements.
  • Propose design solutions.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer