Why are we the best people for this job?

  • We not only understand various facets of this problem but also have credible solutions for the same in terms of software systems, techniques and best practices.
  • Our product and best practices stands a testimony to the fact we know this area better than most of people in this world.
  • We have conducted more than 250 training programs on different aspects of Analysis and Design of systems across some of the best companies in India training engineers (Freshers to group heads with 20+ years of exp).
  • We understand the actual quality of the engineers and TSPs.
  • We might not have people with grey hair but we are a bunch of people who can think simple and who understand the grammar of Systems and Systems design.
  • We believe that systems are highly complex and we as human beings have certain limitations and hence engineering should be used to get over these limitations.
Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer