Areas of Interest

As can be guessed by looking at other aspects of my portal, the following are my areas of interest and I am very passionate about the same.

  1. Designing Systems.
  2. Complex systems modeling
  3. Alternative Energy
  4. Aircraft and aircraft designs
  5. Natural Systems

As you could see that among all my areas of interest , designing and modeling is common across all of them. Most of my friends and acquaintances are surprised to see myself designing systems other than software systems as I started my professional career as a software engineer. When I say to them its all the same many of them don’t tend to agree with me , but yes the fundamental governing principles and patterns are always the same [Structure and behavior is common across every system]

Aircraft and Aircraft Design

I am thankful to my cousin “Prashant” to introduce me to the beautiful world of Aircrafts and aircraft designs. To me aircraft is one of the most beautiful inventions made by a man and I am amazed to see the reliability of these machines. I hope people realize and appreciate the amount of research, hard work and sacrifice made by numerous hundreds of people over the period of years to make such a reliable system. Aircraft also helps me in teaching some key design principles related to performance, availability and reliability of systems in general. I personally have software flight simulators for most of the well known civilian and military aircrafts and flying sorties on the same is one of my biggest stress busters. My personal dream is to buy one of the same one day.

Alternative Energy

This is one subject which is very dear to me. Myself and my team has been working for the past few years on various concepts and prototypes of systems related to improving the efficiency of generators and creating cost effective green energy generators. We have been successful in some of our concepts while have had our share of failures as well, but each of the failures have made us learn some concepts of physics and mechanics which are not written in most of the books . Flywheels, Permanent Magnets and Springs are of personal interest to us. The fact that flywheels and magnets are the fundamental building blocks of any machine has made me understand and appreciate a lot of design principles. We are testing a lot of concepts on each of these topics . I am very optimistic about Flywheel Energy Storage .Human Powered Energy Generator is one of the results of our extensive efforts in this area.

Hemant Jha
Founder - VPlanSolutions
Researcher, Trainer